Friday, March 11, 2011

Vet Day Layout

As I'm chugging away with card designs I realize that I need to finish up some of my other priorities that had gotten buried under piles of paper!  I volunteer at my 4 year olds preschool to take pictures when needed and create a layout for their scrapbook.  Each child at the end of the year will receive a copy of the compiled scrapbook pages, so I can't wait to see the end product.  There are quite a few talented scrapper volunteers!

Anyway, back in February *blush* I took pictures on "Vet Day".  The school brought in a veterinarian who brought in her beautiful Rottweiler!  The vet taught the kids that you must always ask the dogs owner before you pet it, to 'stand like a stump' if you're being chased, and they also got to listen to the dogs heartbeat through the vets stethoscope.  Being an animal lover myself I had a great time during discussion as well!

So to check another item off of my list, here is the layout for 'Vet Day'.  The stump is cut at 2 inches from Create a Critter, and the lettering is from Plantin Schoolbook and welded together with my gypsy.  The rest are just stickers from my collection and some the school supplied.  Since the pages are just photocopied it's not necessary to use any kind of dimension (as hard as that is for me!)  Of course the little guy peaking out of the Critter Cottage is my adorable 4 year old :)

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